Evernote, para recordar todo.

Evernote le permite recordar las cosas pequeñas y las cosas importantes de su vida cotidiana utilizando su ordenador, su celular, su tableta y la Web.

Evernote is one of the most popular free productivity apps for Mac and the long awaited release of version 5 introduces a 100 new features for users to enjoy. Evernote for Mac is a handy clipboard application which enables you to save, read and organize content for reading later.

It can handle almost anything you throw at it including simple text, to photos taken on your iPhone. It’s also a cross-platform app so great for those that work regularly between Windows and Macs. To use Evernote for Mac, you do need to sign up for an account which is free, although the amount of storage space you get with it is limited until you upgrade.

If you see something you’d like to keep or read later, simple select it and then go to the Evernote for Mac icon in your toolbar and select Paste to Evernote. You can also upload and attach web pages, audio, video and other files to help jog your memory when your scanning through your notes. If you want to sync Evernote with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android or Blackberry, you can.

Evernote also has an in-app notebook which enables you to share your notebooks and view notebooks that other have shared with you without ever leaving Evernote. This includes a feature called Notebook Stacks which allows you to organize your notebooks by visually grouping them into stacks.

The only thing that’s missing is someway to export data. The other slightly worrying concern is that Evernote reserves the right to reproduce or use anything you upload to it and so if you’re using it for secure information, you should be careful.

Note that this is the Beta version of the new Evernote and may be subject to instability. You can download the stable 3.3 version of Evernote for Mac here (there is no version 4.0 of Evernote for Mac).

Evernote for Mac is a highly useful productivity app for saving and storing data for reading later.


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